Caravan Maintenance

At Knowepark we stock a wide range of caravan maintenance products. Whether you are getting your caravan ready for a summer adventure, a spring clean or some repairs during the winter. Caravan cleaning is an important job, dirt and grease can build up and cause damage. Any dirt or grease needs to be removed carefully using the correct caravan cleaning products.

Keeping your caravan well maintained and in good working condition will help retain the value if you choose to sell in the future.

Exterior Cleaning

Keeping the exterior of your caravan or campervan clean not only makes it look good but it will protect it too.  We have everything you need to keep your exterior bodywork and trim in good condition. Our products include wash and wax, wheel cleaners, roof cleaner, exterior protection and paintwork touch-ups we have it all.

Interior Cleaning

It’s not just your exterior you want to keep fresh. We have a range of caravan interior cleaning products that will help you keep your vehicle sparkling clean with minimal effort. Including carpet and upholstery cleaner, kitchen sink cleaner, surface cleaner, dustpans, and adhesive and sealants for those internal repairs

Browse our selection of motorhome and caravan your maintenance products, or contact us for more information 01506 411827.